Thomas Arthur Woodman  

  T   O   M      W   O   O   D   M   A   N

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R     E     V     I     E     W     S

"... what make the songs so credible is that they are so personal, heartfelt, eccentric and therefore totally original. There is some great stuff here. The blues isn't far away from these songs. Some of it reminds me of early Hendrix with a touch of Syd Barrett (very early Pink Floyd) but all with a current twist somehow !..."

"... brilliant. big nuggets of genius. super soaring instrumentals. tripped  me right out. proper ace. a few seconds away from pure astral awesomeness..."

"... tom is a genius. love you you little tinker..."

"... the album is fantastic. Best so far. Although it's called psychosis, it had a meditative quality to it which, to me as a listener, makes it really good on the head..."

"...what a refreshing change from everything that sound's like everything else. you can spot the influences but here is someone who is following & laying down his own path..."

" i thought tom was just a great blues player. clearly a whole other side to him. what a talented chap..."

                             "... this guy's got something special..."

"...absolutely unique - as always (adventures in dreaming) has amazing sonic textures and his soul hangs out of every song !..."

"...Be prepared to find yourself missing in your own distorted imaginings with Tom Woodman's stormfilled soundscapes..."

                                                          "...he's my guardian angel... no kidding...!"

"...firstly, i've seen this guy live, & he's the most passionate blues singer & player i've seen in a long time & his recorded stuff show's a very different side to him, equally as passionate & lo-fi, yes, but totally original, & incredibly inspiring. an eccentric mixture of daniel johnston, tom waits & ry cooder..."

   "...Live this guy tore the roof off..."

"...well you won't see this guy on x-factor, & you probably won't hear him on the radio till he's 60.... but i think he's great..."


"...In an extremely demanding role - which took him from charming double-dealer to debauched and broken madman- tom had a major impact and made some gruelling scenes engaging and compelling..."

"...tom is an actor who has an assured ability to set his work accurately so as to allow for the kind of subtle experiments in performance that keep it spontaneous...he also has a wicked sense of humour"

"...he has the ability to galvanise a scene as he enters. he appreciates the quality of stillness, and can focus attention on small movements and expressions, all the while maintaining physical and psychological agreement..."

"...the text was richly poetic, tom worked easily with these to find phrasing, emphasis & tone conveying the nescessary meaning without treating the words too fusily or reverentially...."

"...extreme, experimental & a little dangerous..."

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